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Learn More About Our Mechanical Bull Rentals

Mechanical Bull Rentals

Our mechanical bull rentals come at a fair price. We have different offers, and the rentals last for seven hours, from 5 pm to midnight. All Saturdays and any major holiday, the rental fee is $399. On Friday and Sundays, the rental price is $375. If you decide to have a party during the weekdays, the price is lower due to our rentals' lower demand. From Mondays through Thursdays, the rental fees are $350. The mileage from thirty miles and under is included in the price and the delivery, set up, and showing the customers how to operate the mechanical bull rentals. We will pick up the rentals the following day as soon as we are in the area. We request the customer to let us know if there is a walking path or more than one step to install the setup. If an operator is needed, it is an additional $190 for the first five hours and $100 per hour after that.

Mechanical bull riding has been around for several decades. The movie that made it famous was "Urban Cowboy," where there was a contest for the mechanical bull riders. Since the film debuted in the 1980s, it became popular in bars, festivals, and other public places where people who wanted to be professional bull riders and those who wanted it for the ride's thrill had it for practicing the real thing. Others enjoy mechanical bull riding as a form of entertainment. It has low speeds for children and higher speeds for those who want to hang on for dear life. They are fun to ride, and it makes great entertainment to watch others try and stay on. Anyone who has a party is welcome and encouraged to try our mechanical bull riding for their event. There is a deposit of $50 at the time of scheduling to ensure your spot for rental.

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