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We Have the Best Party Rentals in Irwindale, California

Best Party Rentals

If you want to find the best party rentals when it comes to putting smiles on kids' and adults' faces, A. E. Mechanical Bull Rentals is the best place to look. With our professionalism from the time you contact us until we pick up the best party rentals, you will be impressed. Everyone who gets on the mechanical bull will have the best time and want to ride over and over again. It will keep the kids busy for the afternoon, and when the kids go to bed, there can be a few hours of playtime on the mechanical bull for the adults. The time ends at midnight so let the games begin! The adults can have as much fun as the kids. The riders and the spectators will have a good time. We provide a soft landing with an air mattress for $50, so no one gets injured, and it goes around the mechanical bull.

A. E. Mechanical Bull Rentals has the best party rentals in Irwindale. We have additional setups that come with the mechanical bull for an extra price. The mechanical bull is electric and runs off of a 110-volt wall outlet. We understand some places may not have outlets like parks or other outdoor locations. That is why we also have a power generator for rent, which is $75 more. On a full tank of gas, the generator can run for up to six hours. If the party rentals in Irwindale runs dry on fuel, we offer a gas can that can be filled to continue the party. We recommend that the generator be turned off to save fuel when the mechanical bull is not in use. Using time wisely helps save money and allows for more fun and less work having to go to the gas station for fuel.

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